Diemand Farm



Diemand Farm

Diemand Farm is operated by siblings Anne, Faith, and Pete Diemand. While their range of products — from eggs to lumber to compost to handmade, wooden bird houses— is as diverse as ever, turkey continues to be their most important product. Just last year, the farm expanded production by roughly 500 turkeys to bring their annual total to about 6,000.

According to Pete, while Thanksgiving is certainly the busiest time of year in the turkey business, they sell them for most of the year. UMass Dining has been a valued customer for the Diemands, as it has continually increased the amount of turkey it buys each year. The Diemand family has been one of UMass Dining’s closest partners in its initiative to source more lean, local proteins across campus.

Holiday UMass Fresh Menu in Progress

Check back on November 1, 2023 for details.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers!

–UMass Dining